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Understanding what your customer is asking for when they request an SMB connector can be very confusing.  This is due to a couple of factors that make this connector different than most RF connectors.


1. Center Contact Orientation:Unlike most connectors, the SMB Plug has a female contact and the SMB Jack has a male contact.  (It is not described as Reverse Polarity since it is the standard for the connector). 




SMB Jack and Plug with ID.jpg

2. Two Physical Sizes:The standard SMB for 75 Ohm cable is a larger connector than the standard SMB for the 50 Ohm applications.  To further confuse, a MINI-SMB for 75 Ohm cable is offered, which is the same size 50 Ohm SMB



RFB-200-1-179 and 903-575P-71S sized w_text.jpg

SMB 75 ohm:

Often referred to as SMZ connector or BT43 this connector is built in accordance to MIL Standard 348.   As mentioned above, it is larger than the 50 ohm connector.  These connectors offer a positive lock  feature that prevents the connector from easily detaching once mated.

This connector is typically used in central office applications such as Cisco backplanes and other high end data products.  It is available for RG179 cable as well as the 735 DS3-4 interconnect cables.

Mini-SMB 75 ohm:

This connector is the same physical size as the 50 ohm SMB.  They are typically available for the RG179 cable as well as the 735 DS3-4 interconnect cables.

SMB 50 ohm:

There is only one size SMB for the 50 ohm cable.  They are typically available for the smaller diameter 50 ohm cables such as RG174, RG316/U, Belden 7805, and LMR-100 as well as for Semi Rigid cables such as RG405/U.


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