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Pull Test Equipment

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VSWR Test Equipment


Compulink's Quality Management System is compliant with ISO 9001:2000.  We have maintained our ISO certification through Underwriters Laboratories since 1995.  Our team members are committed to continuous improvement in all activities to ensure the highest quality products and quick turn to meet your schedule at competitive prices.

Compulink coax assemblies are 100% tested and inspected.  At minimum a continuity test for shorts and opens is conducted as well as visual and mechanical inspection for length, label information and workmanship.

We monitor our processes by performing in-process inspections:

  • Visual and mechanical inspection of cable preparation for termination verifying strip lengths and workmanship
  • Destructive pull tests are performed periodically to ensure connector retention

Build instructions contain documented operations, including all test and inspection steps.  a complete history of each build is recorded and maintained a minimum of three years.

For products requiring higher levels of performance, Compulink offers testing to customers' specifications with our Anritsu Vector Network Analyzer, complete measurement solutions ranging from 40MHz to 40GHz.  This is a fully funtioning VNA for making passive-device measurements.




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