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At Compulink, our objective is to deliver excellent quality and service that exceed our customer's expectations.  while we follow strict procedures to produce a superior product, we remain flexible enough to adapt to any special requirements that you might have.

Quick Turn:
When you need a cable assembly quick, Compulink is there.  We stock a huge variety of connector types and bulk cable to meet your needs whether 5 cables the next day, or 1,000 cables in a week.  We have trained technicians on two shifts to meet your on time needs.

Customer Labeling and Packaging:
Compulink can add custom part #'s, logo's & Bar codes to your product and can also box and package to your individual needs.

In addition to our available in-house molds, we can design custom mold breakouts or strain reliefs to your requirements.

VSWR Testing:
Using our Anritzu Vector Network analyzer we can offer testing from 40MHz to 40GHz.  This is a fully functioning VNA for making passive device measurements.



Single Ended Cable Assemblies:
We can provide one-end terminated assemblies in easy install mini-reels to allow for quicker installations on site.

Single ended 25PR Sheilded assembly


Other Copper Assemblies:
Compulink can provide all of your copper cable needs, not just RF product.  We provide a full line of RS232, Printer Cables, Customer Harnessing, and CAT5e and CAT 6 products.





Fiber Assemblies:
Compulink also has a separate facility that manufactures a full line of Fiber Optic Assemblies.  From Jumper cables to Pre-terminated Multi-fiber, Compulink can provide all you fiber Optic needs





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